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Soul of Salvation

Chaotic Serenity or Tranquil Turmoil

    Long ago, the continent of Rovertele was in Chaos. Small kingdoms fought one another constantly, for no other reason than to just fight. People lived lives of fear and dread, never knowing whether or not today would be their last. Finally, through the chaotic darkness, a ray of hope shot out, bringing with it order to a world which had known no such thing. This hope was in the form of a man, a hero amongst men known as Janos. He established and enforced the first true law of the land, and with it brought Rovertele into a time of peace and prosperity. However, there is once again disorder in the air, and Rovertele has been thrown into conflict by the once peaceful Janos Empire, the very same empire established by Janos himself. Will you allow this now hostile kingdom to rule all of Rovertele, or will you fight this aggression with the very thing the people fear most, chaos? The choice is yours…

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