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  • Jauna Jura

    The 2nd largest open land city. Known throughout Rovertele as a place to start life anew. It is a place where all races are treated equally, with no mentioning of the Royal Hierarchy whatsoever. Contains a shop, armory, two inns, four restaurants, a bar, …

  • Janos

    [[Capital]] city of the [[Janos Empire]]. Largest city by far of [[Rovertele]], containing both [[Castle Nefelistow]] and the [[Karala]]. It was made by tearing down the majority of the [[Liels Mountain Range]], leaving only the outer mountains in tact, …

  • Veriteel

    The [[Capital| capital city]] of [[District 4]], located on the southern edge of the [[Kybr Mountain Range | Kybr Mountain Range]]. It is a very mountainous city, and is well known for having some of the best blacksmiths in all of [[Rovertele | Rovertele …

  • Evemier

    The capital city of [[District 2]], it is also the wealthiest city in all of [[Rovertele]], and the second largest next to the capital city of the [[Janos Empire | Empire]], [[Janos]]. Located in the middle of the large island [[Volstand]].

  • Einfan

    The [[Capital | capital city]] of [[District 5]], it is a smaller, poorer city, with most of its [[Jenizens]] just trying to get by, with very, very few upper class [[Jenizens]]. Because of this, the few upper class [[Jenizens]] are often very corrupt and …

  • Or

    The [[Capital | capital city]] of [[District 6]]. It is located on the [[Gelb River]], and is a very large city, well known for being a great center of trade.

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