Soul of Salvation

Scrimmage against the Wizard's Golem

Year 995 PC, Day 158

      The party heads toward the great Gelb River in hopes of killing the Janos Royal General Valt Fado and cutting the Tenochi Bridge to stall the army’s progress. On the way there, they are attacked by a stone golem, controlled by resistance fighter Zallor the Enchanted. The fight is broken up quickly when Zallor is informed of the group’s true identity, as he mistook them initially as the traitorous group defeated by the party at the Tarrot Inn.

Betrayal at the Resistance Meeting

Year 995 PC, Day 156
      Following the raid on Jauna Jura, the party heads down towards where they believe is an inn located just off the Great Open Road. Upon arriving, they are told by Baldas to follow him to a secret meeting of the resistance group, FARO. They are briefly greeted by FARO’s leader, Balor Handersut, his associates Dras Selious and Eelodin Tullan, and another unknown group of adventurers and their guide. Following the three leaders’ departure, the party is ambushed by the other group of adventurers, who turn out to be spies for the Janos Empire. A fight ensues, and after a tedious fight, the party comes out on top.

Attack on Jauna Jura

Year 995 PC, Day 153

      The Royal Army of Janos begins their conquest of the open lands. The party is caught in the middle of the invasion and, in their attempt to escape, defeat roughly a dozen Janos soldiers. Although the army has succeeded in their capture of Jauna Jura, rumors indicate it did not go as smoothly as planned.


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